Trading Volatility Warning (16th — 18th Jan)

This is just a quick email to notify you of potentially volatile economic events taking place this week. We recommend you take them into consideration when trading.

16th January

  • 09:00, EUR, German CPI
  • 11:30, GBP, CPI

17th January

  • 12:00, EUR, Inflation, Final YY
  • 17:00, CAD, BoC Rate Decision

18th January

  • 02:30, AUD, Employment 
  • 02:30, AUD, Unemployment Rate

*All times are Server Time (GMT+2).

We are not making predictions about how the market will particularly react. We are simply encouraging you to be careful when trading during the events. Liquidity runs out of the market and spreads consequently widen during these events. This could have a knock-on effect on your open trades (i.e. stop outs etc.).

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to​​ Contact Us.

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